8-10 April 2021

Online (Zoom)

Weaving a narrative arc out of what the audience brings us, and inviting you to chat with the characters. What will we share? What will we discover? And what is the story behind your mug?


9-11 April 2020

Online (Zoom)

Intertwining improvised dramatic monologues delivered to camera from four characters telling us about their day as it unfolded.

are we there yet.jpg

9-11 January 2020

Corpus Playroom, Cambridge

A show exploring the vast array of human journeys, from a quick trip to the shop in your PJs, to the ones that take a lifetime.​


26-28 September 2019

Corpus Playroom, Cambridge

A show exploring the intertwining relationships between people living in the same space. It was re-imagined as intertwining and interrupted monologues for Zoom during the Covid-19 pandemic.

occ haz.jpg

4-6 July 2019

Corpus Playroom, Cambridge

A show about the workplace. It explores the interactions and worlds of work colleagues both inside, and outside of work.

13-15 December 2018

Corpus Playroom, Cambridge

Which small quirks of today will lead to the grand worlds of tomorrow? A show which imagines a future where technology has caused a shift in social order. ​


4-6 April 2019

Corpus Playroom, Cambridge

A show which unmade and remade fairy tales for a contemporary audience.


19-21 July 2018

Corpus Playroom, Cambridge

Playing fast and loose with the stories and characters of old, a show exploring the origins of origin stories, beasts behind the myths, and what this says about the people who create them...


19-21 April 2018

Corpus Playroom, Cambridge

25-26 October, 2018

The Waterside Theatre, Manchester

18-19 May 2019

The Warren, Brighton Fringe

Blending styles of fantasy and science fiction, a show set in an alternate future history full of steampunk adventure.

11-13 January 2018

Corpus Playroom, Cambridge

22 July 2018

The Quarry Theatre, Bedford

A show finding inspiration in the things that you have lost, abandoned or simply forgotten about.