the apartment 

In a city where we live so close, what gets past our own

four walls?

When you live with people above, below and next door to you, there are that many more stories to discover. Whether you live next to a barking bulldog, a late-night DJ, or Wi-Fi thief, the walls are always thinner than we think...

The Apartment was an improvised show exploring the intertwining relationships between people living in the same space. It was re-imagined as intertwining and interrupted monologues for Zoom during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cast: Carla Keen, Erica Dupuy, James Stedman, Mark Whitehouse
Set Design: Carla Keen
Lighting Design and QLab Programmer: Ian Bruno (Cambridge)
Lighting and Sound Improviser: David Winterbottom (Cambridge)

Corpus Playroom, Cambridge

26-28 September 2019

Online with 'Bendy House & Friends'

23 July 2020

Online as part of the Moscow Improv Festival

25 July 2020

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